There is a wide variety of items that you can store in a storage facility. However, some require climate-controlled storage while others do not. Your space at home may be running out due to the items you store there. Therefore, it is a nice idea to look for an Echuca Storage facility to safely store your belongings and save up some space in your home. Here are a few items that are allowed in a storage facility.

Your Tools

Tools on the table

Over the years, you may accumulate a set of tools that may occupy most of your garage space. Therefore, you can safely place them in a toolbox and place them in a storage facility where you can easily access them when need be.


A couple moving a mattress

You can easily store your mattress in a storage unit. You need to efficiently clean the mattress for it to stay clean for long periods of time. Also, it is advisable to place the mattress on a wooden surface. Look for an Echuca Storage facility that offers climate-controlled units for the safe storage of your mattresses.

Clothing and Blankets

A woman rolling a blanket

Ensure that your blankets and clothes are thoroughly cleaned and dried before storage. Also, pack them in a plastic bag to protect them from dust. Fold the blankets well and place them in a large plastic bag. The plastic bags should also be airtight to prevent any form of moisture from getting to your clothes and blankets.

Antique Cars

An antique red car parked in a garage

If you have an antique car that you need to be well stored, rent an Echuca Storage facility that offers car storage services.

As you look to store your belongings in a storage facility, it is important to ensure that their quality will not deteriorate with time. Therefore, it is important to look for a few qualities in an Echuca Storage facility. The qualities include;


Look at the conditions of the storage units before you decide to rent out one. A storage facility should have high levels of cleanliness in order to guarantee clients of their ability to maintain your items.

Safety Measures

The safety of your items is one of the greatest priorities. Therefore, look for the safety measures that the storage facility has to offer. Your vintage car needs to be in a safe and secure storage unit that will guarantee your peace of mind.

Climate Controlled Conditions

Some of your property may require a certain set of conditions in order to maintain their top quality. Therefore, the storage you decide to store your items with should have well-serviced climate controlled units.

Previous Client Reviews

Look for customer reviews from past clients. This will allow you to gauge the level of service that the storage facility offers to its clients. It will also allow you to know whether the facility is careful with its client’s belongings as well.

Amount of Space Offered

The size of the facility should matter a lot. If you are looking to store many items or your vintage car, the storage facility should be able to fit all your items properly.