There’s nothing worse than a cluttered home. Even when you’re trying to relax, having too many belongings can leave you feeling on edge. It’s hardly, surprising, then, that recent years have seen more of us reaching towards a style choice called minimalism. From this, we will help you simplifying life with self storage. 

Founded on a ‘less is more’ approach to life, minimalist methods like the KonMarie approach have been helping many of us to inject more joy into our lives for years now. For others, the constant quest towards minimalism that never quite happens because of kids, clothes, and general life stuff, hangs over our heads like a constant reminder.

Luckily, there’s a surprisingly easy way to make minimalism happen and, sorry Marie Kondo, it needn’t involve getting rid of everything you own. With self-storage, it is possible to clear your clutter in a far less ruthless way. 

In this article, we’ll consider exactly what minimalism is, and how the right self-storage solution can help you to make it happen at last.

What is minimalism?

Far from just being a style choice that involves white walls and blank rooms, minimalism is a philosophy that involves freeing yourself from the ties of clutter and possessions. Ridding our rooms of clutter and constant mess should, in theory, make it far simpler to clean, function, and generally get that space how we want it. This is important for a range of well-being reasons, including – 

  • Lowering stress levels
  • Increasing productivity
  • Ensuring better cleanliness
  • Increasing visual appeal
  • Simplifying everyday life

Unfortunately, decluttering isn’t always as simple as Marie Kondo’s method of considering whether an item brings us joy or not. Whether you have kids, books that you might one day need to reference, or simply Christmas deccies that you’d hate to part with, it’s possible that you simply can’t get rid of everything you own.

This can prevent many of us from ever even starting on our minimalist journey. That’s where self-storage solutions come in. By making it possible to remove clutter while still keeping everything that you need, this solution is a reluctant minimalist’s dream. And, we’re going to consider why. 

Simplify life with self storage

Self-storage solutions provide you with a ready-made space to store your clutter so that you can ensure a clearer home. Flexible solutions that provide you with immediate access to your belongings are especially effective for simplifying your life while removing the painful process of getting rid of valuable memories, or those items that could come in handy one day. 

Whatever your reasons for wanting to take a more minimalist path, self-storage has you covered. We’re going to consider just a few of the ways that you can declutter with the help of your new storage solution – 

1. Store stuff you aren’t using

We’ve all got things that we love to own, but don’t necessarily use that often. Books, smart clothes, and even a storage box filled with baby stuff, all fit within that category. You won’t want to give them away but, equally, they take up excessive amounts of space at home.

When you store that stuff in a self-storage unit, you can significantly reduce the amount of things you keep at home. Even better, you’ll easily be able to retrieve those nice dresses as soon as a party invite comes through or pick up some baby things when you hear that a friend’s expecting. It really is the best of both worlds, and it can make life so much easier to handle. 

2. Get seasonal

We all love a seasonal celebration. These days, it’s not unusual to have decorations for everything from Christmas through to Easter and Halloween. There’s just something magical about getting in the mood with an easter reef or a pumpkin ornament. Unfortunately, often bulky decorations can fill even a generous home storage space in no time. 

Before you know it, you’ll avoid even trying to put your decorations out because you can’t be bothered with the hassle. That’s an issue you can avoid by simply putting your seasonal stuff into self-storage. Regardless of how big your Christmas tree or festive pumpkin ornaments might be, getting them out of the house like this can clear your closets, and make it far easier to pick out the right thing when the season comes. You might even be able to justify buying a few extra additions this Halloween, all safe in the knowledge that you’ll still be able to enjoy a streamlined home.

3. Prepare for major moves

Our mobility in life is greatly hindered by belongings that can take weeks to pack up at any given time. It’s surprising how much that feeling can tie us down, and stop us from even considering something like an overdue house move or a long trip away.

By comparison, a minimalist lifestyle brings with it the benefit of increased mobility. When you have less stuff to worry about, there’s no reason why you can’t embrace major moves. And the same is true when your belongings are in self-storage. Whether you fancy a house move or have a major trip in the works, placing at least some of your belongings into storage can make it all seem that bit more possible. Even better, with no set timeframe on when you need to pick those things up, you’re free to move around as you wish for as long as you want to throughout these transitions. All while remaining safe in the knowledge that your belongings will be waiting for you when you’re ready.

Make minimalism simple with The Storage Box

Self-storage can easily bring your dreams of minimalism to life, especially when you turn to a provider like The Storage Box. We’re proud to provide secure, high-quality self-storage units to clients across Victoria Australia. Benefits to our services include immediate access to your storage unit, full online management, and flexible payment options that ensure that storage always suits you. Downsizing and simplifying life with self storage doesn’t get easier than that. 

Simply get in touch today to start living a more minimalist life tomorrow!